Microsoft Sign in / New Account not working


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Windows 11 23h2 22631.3007, NTlite preeset in attachment
I did a fresh install, when i click on add account a popup appears and then disappears. (basically dllhost.exe is crashing)
also microsoft sign is not working.
can someone please help me?



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I don't see anything obvious from your preset. It's very hard to break Windows using NTLite's free edition (everything there is safe to remove).

My suggestion is reinstall the image, and test the Accounts before installing any other apps (which may add DLL's). You want to know if it's only the image, and not something changed after install.
I did nothing after install, only uninstalled edge. Could that be a reason? I reinstalled edge but its not helping.
Just installed your preset on 23H2 (22631.2861), and it works for me.
I doubt .3007 introduced many changes, since it's the first CU after the Winter 2023 holidays, which is a slow period for MS.

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