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I have made a simple cmd script to move around the most used shortcuts (snipping, calc, paint, quick notes and the not much used DVD Maker, Media player, Sidebar and XPS Viewer).
It is intented to use with .lnk files, some in Win10 and all in Vista, Win7, (not sure if it works in XP and/or Win8 too).

This is more like for tweaking, as i wanted to have some shortcuts in 'All programs' (start menu folder and programs folder) moved to 'Accessories' and vice versa but keep them localized, i wanted to have moved with windows setup. All the shortcuts are in english but localized with the hidden desktop.ini file in each folder and this script can do the trick.

In this screenshot i'm testing to move Windows explorer from the Accessories folder in the root users folder to programs in the programdata folder, Windows Explorer is not localized (yet) and Paint, Windows DVD Maker and Wordpad are not localized "by design":


The script didn't work by calling the cmd file from setupcomplete.cmd in Win7, so it can be renamed to oobe.cmd or add it to oobe.cmd or setupcomplete.cmd and will do the trick.

I wanted to share the file and here it is.

The file can be adapted to create a new folder, move the shortcuts to the new folder and keep them localized.

I'm not an advanced user and i will answer questions regarding this script whenever i can and if my knowlege allows me.


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Hi Kasual,

thanks for the script.
I'm guessing it is used for a shortcut backup before reinstallation, or?
A bit more information about the scenario and which problems does it solve, please.