My feelings for NTLite and the idea of Win10 natively supporting Win11 themes

I am a person who loves to tinker with things. And a sentimental one at that.When I was young, I used Nlite to simplify XPSP2. At that time, computers were not so proficient, and few people around me had a deep understanding of computers. It was all my own research and development.!Last month, the company had a long vacation and I was exposed to the Tiny system, but the experience was not satisfactory. I installed it with a memory footprint of 1.5G, it's just a lower size, after all, it's not the hard disk footprint that's needed now, it's the memory footprint. I came up with the idea of streamlining my own system and obtained a paid version of NTlite, which underwent a lot of extreme streamlining. This process was indeed very interesting. Before I started working with NTlite, I had been using the LTSB version, but the minimalist streamlined LTSC2021 was much smoother than LTSB. Thank you to Garlin, Clanger, and other friends on the NTlite forum who helped me solve difficulties. I have an idea to wait until I become very proficient and install my own streamlined system on both my home and office computers, and install my old laptop that I left in the corner in 2007 with my minimalist Windows 8.1.
Still, I miss the old system, the days of xp blue skies and white clouds. I've known since win8 that the Microsoft of today is not the Microsoft of old. If it wasn't for the changing times, I'd rather still use win7 now, and not go with win10 and win11 which update every day, fixing bugs and creating new ones.:mad:
I am waiting for Win11LTSC2024 because there are many bugs in the current Win11 even with the leaked version. My computer often freezes inexplicably when installing the Win11 taskbar. Due to Microsoft's recruitment of Indian programmer 阿三, the latest patch has 29 bugs...... Another special bug for vpn in China. Last night, I had an idea to install Win11 components on the streamlined Win10 and install the Win11 themeand。Because many of win11's uwp apps work very well with clean settings, such as the new version of the media player,and with rounded cornersI. I researched it for a long time.
Briefly share my experience:
Remember to download VCLibs and ui xaml in the ntlite update
第一步:Copy the application link in the Microsoft Store and create it in thehttps://store.rg-adguard.netDownload appx from here
第二步:Unzip the package, download the AppxBundle or MsixBundle Appx or Msix installer, unzip the largest one and keep only x64
屏幕截图 2024-05-08 093645.png屏幕截图 2024-05-08 093755.png
第三步:Open AppxManifest.xml in the folder, look Windows version number, and modify the number after 10.0 in the line with Name="Windows. Desktop"
第四步:Delete the AppxMetadata folder, Content_Types.xml, AppxBlockMap.xml and AppxSignature.p7x from the directory.
第五步:Turn on “Developer Mode” in Settings.
第六步:The administrator runs powershell
*cd "<AppxManifest.xml ***>"
*Add-AppxPackage -Register .\AppxManifest.xml
Or is there any way to hide win10 version number and install win11 app directly?

Install SecureUx
Go back to the folder where you saved the Windows 11 themes and icon packs, locate the Windows 10 Themes folder, and then locate two other subfolders within this subfolder. Copy and paste one of them into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
Open SecureUxTheme to select a new theme
Apply win11 icons : Download 7TSP GUI
Taskbar centering: TaskbarX
Taskbar Transparency: TranslucentTB
Start Menu: Start11(The originals look great, too.)
Simple landscaping in the VM looks great too!
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The one I'm using is very nice! I don't know if you can download it over there.
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I just found that from the beginning of this century to the present, after at least 25 years, only nuhi as a developer? Really a great project with love!

Having heard brother garlin's explanation that cannot be removed, can it be replaced? If the win11 experience package is installed on win10 by some method, wouldn't it be realized that win10 natively supports win11 themes such as taskbar, icons and start menu?
Ok, my my idea was overly stupid, but the method of changing the theme will consume higher cpu and gpu, after all the original intention of streamlining the system was lower memory usage and power consumption

After many years, ntlite has regained my appetite for streamlining, I'll activate my company's computers with the licenses I still have left and streamline a system when I have nothing else to do emm... Indeed it's a wonderful thing too!And seeing the ntlite profile, Croatian Rhapsody? wow, that was my class bell in college!And I set it to car music.Where I'd travel to if I had the chance.It's a very beautiful place indeed.;)
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Windows 7 is a pain in the butt, windows 10 is a pain in the butt but armed with copius amounts of

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i can make a seriously thrashed w10 on an extremely close par with a seriously thrashed w7.
I cant be bothered with w7 no more(insert the Sgt Murtaugh defence), get with the beat, get a f-off big tin of polish and get to work.