Need to build the new Edge browser into Windows 10 20H2



can someone tell me how I add the new Edge browser into windows 10 20H2?

Any help would be appreciated



Go to "Audit mode" and install.
Or put installer to iso image and install using command in SetupComplete.cmd:
msiexec /i "%WINDIR%\Setup\Files\MicrosoftEdgeEnterpriseX64.msi" /quiet /norestart
Is there no way to integrate the MSI/CAB directly during build?

There is conflicting information on if the latest cumulative update includes updates to Edge (but perhaps it is referring to the older pre-Chromium version of Edge)


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This is a trick answer. Edge is part of W10 CU (to force IE11 retirement), but the included version is 92.0.902.67
MS presumes you won't disable Edge Updater, and it will self-update to the current build.

On a live system, installing CU will skip over Edge if there's a newer version loaded. Edge browser is also software-as-a-service, so there's no point waiting for MSU/CAB updates. Use the MSI installers from Edge for Business.


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Edge is never updated for CU, it's locked to the same version. Your enterprise may decide to block Edge updates, or standardize on an older Edge release for business reasons. MS cannot just break your environment after every CU install.

Only a client re-install or Edge Updater will change the version.

Edge will be refreshed in the upcoming 22H2 W10 & 11 releases. Then it will be locked again for another year (23H2).