Netsh Command Returns Error



When I'm using netsh command on cmd window, I get this error: 'The following helper DLL cannot be loaded: DOT3CFG.DLL'

What can be the cause?

When I search for 'DOT3' in NTLite it shows 'Wired Autoconfig'. I think it's actually dot3svc, right? So keeping it should fix my problemi I guess???

Edit: I noticed I already kept wired autoconfig in this preset, so the problem must lie somewhere else.
Edit 2: Feeling like EAP(Extensible Authentication Protocol) and VPN support might be the cause, not sure though.


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yes, please enable VPN support in Compatibility options and it will protect all needed components for VPN.

If that fails, only then there might be a bug, until that is checked it's expected as even the main VPN support is removed by the preset.