new recommended components starting with 1909


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Ok so I didnt have to share it with you, but I figured I will though. Wasted alot of time trying to troubleshoot this.

Basically starting with 1909, it is highly recommended to enable these Windows App components (screenshot1) in order to have a properly working hardware acceleration when playing 4K 60fps Youtube videos (VP9 codec). In particular VP9VideoExtensions and WebMediaExtensions, (VCLibs.140.00) is required for those 2, also Windows Media Codec must be enabled for it to work.

If you dont enable those, the GPU (in that case Intel UHD620) wont decode the video properly and it will instead be decoded on the CPU, which is bad, because it introduces stuttering etc. (screenshot 2)

If you enable those mentioned things, the GPU will decode the 4k 60fps vp9 video properly, and the CPU will barely have any load. (screenshot 3)

Basically how Ive noticed it was because I was using LTSC with latest updates on my main Nvidia machine and the GPU didnt decode the video, while my other Intel Mini PC with Intel UHD620 with latest 1909 decoded the video properly, then after dozens of hours of troubleshooting I figured out why. Tried with Firefox and Vivaldi (chrome based) and could verify with both.

Also as seen in the recommended screenshot, I do recommend to enable HEIFImageExtension and WebPImageExtension as well. Those are support for new file Codecs, basically added compatibility and are part of 1909 update (included by default). It is more than safe to assume that some programs in the future will rely on those Extensions, so I would leave them enabled.


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