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As this thread is being used for quick chit chat(things that dont need a thread of their own) aswell as news i am changing the thread title to News and Chat. Keep it clean and no unofficial links please.


Original post,
I am going to expand this topic to include other bits of news on occasion but it will still be primarily for W10(and 7 and 8.1 on occasion)

Windows 10 October 2018 Update (Version 1809) Re-Release Officially Begins Today.

Download ISO's.

Microsoft Promises to Take a Slower Pace with the Re-Release of October 2018 Update.

OP - Windows 10 Build 1809 Re release could be today. We will be updating the Language Packs topic when and if LP's are availible from MS direct links.
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Let us know if it is real as the link shows 1809Oct, related to october release and not november release (the first release is 1809Sep).
I checked the 2 download links and they show oct. Perhaps ms is sticking to its October update naming, will wait till reports come in.
File hash, SHA-1 - BEE211937F3ED11606590B541B2F5B97237AC09D
Volume label, CCCOMA_X64FRE_EN-US_DV9
Build number, 10.0.17763.107
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Yes, the final ISO hash won't match. Maybe there is a way to make it but it didn't in my case. Maybe MS using a different tool to build the ISO. That is why I specified only that the contents match.

I also prefer to use the latest ISO; but in case some people already build their own in the last few weeks since the patches released, I thought they may want to know it won't make any difference, for example, if they reinstall from this ISO release.:)
To name a few:
Along with Intel, Microsoft is currently also working with Apple to fix an iCloud issue, with Trend Micro over compatibility issues, and with AMD over issues related to Radeon HD2000 and HD4000 series graphics processors.
Individual instead of cumulatives updates/patches were the best option to fix Windows.
CU's are handy but if if a cu is borked then what cu do you use? Things were never this bad before CUs and windows 10, granted things were never perfect before.
It's official. Microsoft says you're [beta] testing their updates for them in Wn10./

They got rid of their Q/A people so they could use jane public to test for them for free and look how well that is working.
I aint beta testing buggerall for them and definitely not for free, £25 per hour or they can spin.
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Cheek, im bloody worth more than that. Consider how much money they make why give them anything for free.

Only nuhi and this forum get my time for free.
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From the article "Set it to “Basic,” which ONLY sends info about your “device, settings and capabilities” in contrast to the “Full” mode, " (emphasis mine.)


How about "none at all"? Why do people put up with this?

Anyway, am happy to report that Store on my Win8.1 partition shows 0:00 CPU cycles.