NTLite NETFramework OnlyUseLatestCLR is breaked


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I have integrated kb4521862-x64 and kb4520062 in Windows 10 64 and work fine, but enabling in settings NETFramework OnlyUseLatestCLR not work.
When trying start any program that need NET 2.0 or 3.5 is displayed that the component not is in system.
NTLite NETFramework OnlyUseLatestCLR work fine.
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Creating a ISO using NTLite current version not enabling OnlyUseLatestCLR and after opening that created ISO in NTLIte and enabling OnlyUseLatestCLR works fine.


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Some programs don´t work with "latest CLR only" and isn't NTLite fault. To know the programs that works with latest CLR and what doesn't you need to try with an untouched image.
I set in NTLite Use Latest CLR Enabled and save changes to image. After reload image again, this option is set to Default. No changes written to image.!

When i add registry entry manually and read image again, this entry is set Enabled. And in installed windows at last properly working apllications, which need old NET 3.5


This bug is in latest version NTLite.
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