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A feature i would like to see is the ability to create a preset when all removal is done when one removes bit by bit. One - resumè preset, that one can use the next time.



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Yes i wish, analyze of mounted iso and save to file configuration for all actually removed functions and devices. When i select orginal file iso, i can read those saved config file and remove features in one session.


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Something like that exists, each session is saved as autosaved session guid name, under .\Presets and in the ISO root.
Exception being online/live editing, always saved under the same name - might fix that if interested.

To apply all of the historical presets at once to a fresh image, select them all with ctrl+ and right-click Load.
Or load each with the Append load suboption, instead of the default Overwrite.

Scanning an image for changes would require lite and full ISO loaded at the same time, bit clumsy, but not impossible, just rarely needed due to the preset merge option.

Thanks both.