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I've written a PowerShell GUI to download Language Packs for most versions of Windows 10 & 11.
This replaces searching UUP dump or rg-adguard for the correct version, downloading the links and renaming files.

We're still using UUP dump to generate the expiring download links. The script will skip files with identical names in the current folder.

W10-11 Language Packs.PNG

Downloading "Microsoft-Windows-Client-LanguagePack-Package_cs-cz-amd64-cs-cz.esd"
Downloading "Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Basic-cs-cz-Package-amd64.cab"
Downloading "Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Handwriting-cs-cz-Package-amd64.cab"
Downloading "Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-OCR-cs-cz-Package-amd64.cab"
Downloading "Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-TextToSpeech-cs-cz-Package-amd64.cab"

SHA-1 Hash:
e7b2986577196a4dd08693327a7209dae02545e5  Microsoft-Windows-Client-LanguagePack-Package_cs-cz-amd64-cs-cz.esd
4e6b61b4e3654d03d765bbf59ab6fc45eb5b4c2f  Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Basic-cs-cz-Package-amd64.cab
4ef0b346760bb818b830b218296c5bfd7b11d38d  Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-Handwriting-cs-cz-Package-amd64.cab
702a8eddbc454768efabb4c04ea540b464a6b7de  Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-OCR-cs-cz-Package-amd64.cab
f980392aca2b3d424c8ca73446beb7e8026bb14f  Microsoft-Windows-LanguageFeatures-TextToSpeech-cs-cz-Package-amd64.cab

What versions are supported?
  • Win 11 22H2 & 23H2 are the same
  • Win 11 21H2
  • Win 10 2004, 20H2, 21H1 & 21H2 are the same
  • Win 10 1903 & 1909 are the same
  • Win 10 1809
Win 10 below 1809 isn't supported (why are you still using it?). Server 2022 isn't here, because the language selection is severely limited.

Do I need ESD2CAB?
Yes, click on the GUI's download link to open abbodi's GitHub.

Why do I get a PowerShell execution policy error?
Your default execution policy prevents unsigned scripts from running. Run the W10_11LP.bat instead.

How do I check if the downloaded packages are the correct version?
When files are downloaded, the script will report the SHA-1 values.

You can compare the SHA-1 against UUPdump (select a Windows build, under Browse Files / Search enter "language").
ie. https://uupdump.net/findfiles.php?id=a84eaaea-f57c-4271-a642-4abf996a7101&q=language

Why do you use a different UUP than abbodi's W10MUI?
Language Packs are some of the first packages built, and they're shared across later versions in the same family. While my reference builds are different, all packages have identical SHA-1 values to abbodi's UUP's. There's no functional difference btw them.

If you're bored, my versions are listed in the script.

What about Win 7 & 8 versions?
There's a different script for you (included in the ZIP), because the languages list isn't the same as W10/11.
While you could just copy the URL from pastebin or other sources, I already wrote a GUI.

W7-8.1 Language Packs.PNG

How hard was it writing the GUI?
When you find a good WinForms code example, it's easy to modify and make your own layout. I moved and sized the visual elements by hand.
If you noticed, the OK button isn't active until the user selects from all menu boxes. And W11 doesn't have a x86 version, checking that option always gets unselected.


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hello garlin,
thank you for your nice little tool. Can you also integrate FODs and Inbox Apps?
So that you always have the right versions for Windows.
Sorry with google translator. I only speak German.
Greetings Roger25000
I can't provide those packages. But you can download both ISO's and extract them.
W11 is the same version as W10 21H1.
Copy your packages to new folder, C:\Program Files\NTLite\Updates\Common.FOD
Open NTLite, and enable from Features on Demand.

Bitte schön!
Sorry, there are no sites sharing individual files. The ISO download is your only option.
But don't worry, MS doesn't update the files too much. They skip a lot of Windows releases and keep the same ISO.
That's not how it works. W10 uses UUP file updates, which are not standalone packages. UUPdump doesn't have localized FOD & Inbox Apps because they are not part of the Windows ISO.
The script is failing to print the headers in Bold text. What is your version of Windows and PowerShell?
Few minutes ago I tried download language packs. Selected w10, x64 and Croatian lp but soon as I click OK script cmd windows shows some error and shuts down. I quickly catch screenshot of it:

PowerShell requires Edge (Legacy) to use the IE HTML engine. You don't need the full Edge browser or IE, just this library.
Edge (Legacy) is simply the IE11 compatibility library for Edge. If you removed it, then try reinstalling Edge. Other programs might be expecting the same HTML library to work.
If you have licensed NTLite, do a host reinstall of Edge (Legacy). The language files don't change often, if you saved last month's files, they will still work on the current W10 images.
I have free version. Nevermind, I will do like in good old times by manually download from UUP dump site :)