Problem with post-installation (MSI)


Hello friends,

I am currently encountering a problem with ntlite, I want to install different software in post installation (execute before connection) in Microsoft Windows Installer (.msi) with the parameter /passive

Software: drivercloud, splitcam, Yamaha Expansion Manager etc....,

I am with windows 11 home

However, these are small pieces of software but it takes me a long time to install them, around 30 minutes. I can't understand where the problem could come from whereas before I didn't have this kind of problem.

I have the latest version of NTlite licensed.
Thanks for your help.
If your Post-Setup is blocked for a long time, then one of your install apps has the wrong install options.
Not everything is "/passive", it might be "/quiet" or "/qn".

Search online for your app's MSI package name and the keywords "silent install" or "unattended install". Check if you're using the right options.
You can also switch to After Logon mode (choose for each row Type - Run After Logon).
That way you can see progress after user logon and interact if necessary.
I would also suggest you logon with your administrative account first and try to install the software one-by-one, then you can have a look at which one is taking long time. Please note that the "/passive" parameter affects how "msiexec.exe" interacts with the MSI, but the actions relevant to reducing installation time may or may not be implemented in the MSI.

For example, Google Chrome installation my time out or fail with no internet connection or unconnected network, since it attempts to check for updates during installation. We would pass "NOGOOGLEUPDATEPING=1" to "msiexec.exe" in addition to "/quiet" or "/passive" in order to make Google Chrome install faster.