problems with .exe files


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Hey nuhi! now iam here! maybe iam coming back like the old times with nlite! :)

this problems exists with older versions too, i hoped that its fixed because its a big problem and makes useless to operate the windows system.
i cant execute several .exe setup files like the intel chipset driver, just nothing happens on doubleclick and not when i execute as admin.
i tried to start the "windows installer" service and hopeless other services but that doesnt help.

and the other thing i get *.exe files errors (always memory errors) one after the other after startup which is related to drivers like the "smartsound3.exe" drivers that have been automatically installed by windows.
can be downloaded here:

i need to investigate more buts its strange that this problem is still not fixed so maybe i do something wrong because others may not have this problems?!
i cant give more informations for now because i have reinstalled my system and not writing down the exact errors
normally iam good in finding solutions but i forgot many things, i need to refresh up!

the components what i have removed should be save, i though!

wish all best!

PS. Ay and i know this windows version is not officialy supported "19541.1000.Manganese-X64-DE-XXL-SUPER-MULTI.iso"
but this should not be the reason because on officaly versions doesnt work too. this problem exists really since many other older versions!

oh and the product key in the preset is only the officially public kms keys from the microsoft site itself, just for information!
would be good if we can choose this in ntlite.
can be found here: