Quality of Life UI Improvements


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Thanks so much for the great software. While Nlitting, I noticed several small UI improvements that would have made everything so much better (9 nlite iterations) I will now list these:

1. Ability to cancel during Esd export. Possible implementation, export in cmd window that user can control-c out of.

2. Ask before saving changes to image during processing. Why? Let’s just say for the women.

3. When exporting to esd, keep wim. Some hard drives are slow and some of us nlitting on pc stick lol.

4. For the love of Talos, the ability to reset scheduled tasks, services and extra services.

5. A somewhat unusual ask, option to put an AIO within root of iso, whose sole purpose is to convert wim to esd. The reason, conversion is so slow you might want to borrow your friend pc.

Finally, there’s a big ask which I will post separately. Completion of the above guarantees I will renew. Up to you. The Big ask is optional though I will provide some guidance.
Thank you for the feedback. If I misunderstood any of it, feel free to expand.

1. OK, will do.

2. It's already like that, you must have pressed once don't show again.
Edit .\settings.xml before starting the tool and remove
or set to false

3. That's your choice, right-click on the WIM and choose Export instead of Convert.
If that also deletes without asking, try other location instead of .\Sources

4. It's already there, the Reset button the toolbar for those pages, and individual ones have a tiny box on the left of the value, has a reset in the menu.

5. Bit confused with this one, can you elaborate a bit more?
AIO images are supported.
Maybe you're asking to automate ESD compression one image after another?

NTLite can also run in a scripted environment, create a preset and run it via switches on different targets.
ntlite.exe /? for more info
I mostly agree with you. Although #3 is the user choice, UI improvements are also about convenience. So even if it's a secret setting under the settings.xml that would be appreciated. Apparently I'm blind (my apologize) , completely didn't see the reset button, but it does blend in with the top perhaps too much; maybe make it green? #5 Is a bit a trivial ask, I was referring to an AIO executable thus I guess "dism" packaged in a an exe that executes a script which converts wim to esd. Once again a convenience ask. Absolutely not required, but would be nice like drawing a smiley face on the cake. It's the kind of thing I would do, you can agree with disagree with #5 in particular.
Sorry for the delay, missed your reply and this topic was referenced in the cancel ESD task.

To cancel ESD conversion, for manual ones, right-click on Source page processing progress and choose Cancel, or if it's applying, next version will enable Cancel button during Exporting.

#3, you mean to leave the original WIM and have the option to save resulting image elsewhere? That would be too confusing, plus the ISO files, how to combine all of that. It's simpler if user copies WIM that he wants to keep original copy before loading/editing.
As said for exporting editions, already an option to choose where, from the Source page.

#5, an ability to run custom scripts after processing?