Removing existing updates from ISO?


My ISO is "windows_10_iot_enterprise_ltsc_2021" which I chose because (a) it's seen as stable & reliable and (b) it's already had many of the anti-features (ie: Metro, Cortana) properly removed. But it also has a bunch of "Enterprise" stuff that I don't want or need. Looking at the list of updates that are already installed or are (if I understand correctly) "staged" to be integrated there are several that i'd like to remove.

But choosing "Remove" throws up this message:

Uninstall package? 'Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services'

Due to package handling complexity on Windows side, it is recommended instead to start from a fresh image and integrate only the required packages.

OK I get the "complexity" and potential risk but I AM starting with a fresh image. Unless you go back to day one (2015) all Win ISO's are going to have a number of updates already installed. So how realistic is this advice?

Looking at the Installed / Staged list there are about 10 that i'd like to get rid of. Anyone like to offer odds on the ISO still working after removing 10 updates?

I also have 5 new updates that i'm sorta willing to install. Install new ones after uninstalling old ones or vice versa?
NTLite will sometimes create confusion for the user, in that the Updates list is the preferred way to remove all updates.

Existing packages lists four different Update types:
- Language Pack
- Update (KB file)
- Feature Pack (staged)
- OnDemand Pack (not staged)

From this list, only the normal Update type (KB file) should be removed from the Updates screen. For all other Update types, they should be removed by deleting the Components which match that Update's function.

For your example, to remove the AD LDS feature, we instead remove the component "Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service".


Obviously, this is a lot of work if you wanted to remove most of the Feature on Demand updates (Feature Pack & OnDemand Pack). nuhi has expressed a desire to rework the UI, to make this whole process less complicated. But for now, focus on removing unwanted Components and most of the matching FOD updates will naturally disappear after you've applied removals.
Thank You very much for your comprehensive reply! I like your suggestion much more than my (mistaken) idea to deletes updates
You're still allowed to remove Updates one by one. But there is no bulk method for removing multiple FOD packages, other than having Components do it as a byproduct of your cleanup.