Removing Shell Search?


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Hi dudes,

So I try to remove Windows Search and Shell Search for Windows 7, but it is being kept. There is still a search box in each explorer window and the start menu. I read this is for 'compatibility reasons' maybe? - Components-Win7: Search removal was breaking Shell search

I definitely was able to remove both in older NTLite versions (im thinking the end of 2017 so a while ago). If this cannot be changed with a new version, how can I disable the search bar (in explorer and start menu) manually, possibly with file removal or regedit?



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it was disabling Explorer-Libraries support, but that was already in the description, so will fix file removal.
As for search box disabling, will see... in the meantime I suggest disabling Windows Search feature first, that disables the boxes, then remove the component.
Will release the fix probably on Tuesday night.