Replace missing "Standard Modem Driver" in Win 7

(Please don't shoot me, this wasn't done thru NT Lite, but the problem could possibly apply.)

I need to replace the "Standard Modem Driver" from a RT7Lite modified Win7 O/S without going thru the whole nine yards. This is NOT vendor specific!

The "Modem" group of drivers was intentionally not added (who needs a modem anymore) when compiling a Win 7 Pro O/S hru RT7 Lite that up to this point (5 years later) was not missed. Without completely re-complying a new O/S (which is a huge project), there must be a way to selectively re-add this single item (driver(s) and/or protocol(s).

This without the actual DVD, just the ISO or the separate original files are available.

The reason is for 2 devices that use' USB serial port' communications that apparently need this. No, I'm not making this up, it's a educated guess after long troubleshooting the problem.

Standard Modem Driver missing.png

George King

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It should be better to stop using application which was build from stolen vLite code...

Creating new Windows 7 image with NTLite is very easy and stable. My recommendation is start from fresh source as it's best and clean solution.

EDIT: Btw, who need modems? Don't forget for USB LTE modems for example
I have used vLite in the past also.
Modems to me are something a RJ15 plug connects to.

Creating a new image and re-populating the O/S with drivers, programs & tweaks is a HUGE undertaking that can take days.

Adding missing files takes seconds (with the proper instructions).
Well, I thought that was the problem, but it's not!
I re-did W7 w/ the dated RT7Lite, but it made no difference. :( So much for logic.

But, since we were on the same page literally, how can one recover a single component and/or file w/o re-doing the entire process ?
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Let me ask it this way;
Loading USB serial drivers that causes a missing file message that is not the specific files of the driver(s) themselves, what missing Win 7 Pro x64 O/S drivers/protocols/services/dll's etc would affect deployment?

And yes, the driver packages (two different devices, two different drivers) is correct & from the specific manufactures.


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Your "jabs" don't cut it.
vLite was abandoned, support dropped someone else stepped in. Period.

And NTLite doesn't "break" things???? :rolleyes:

George King

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If you broke your image using NTLite, then post preset. Then nuhi can review same scenario and find cause and fix it. And I’m also interested what you did to your image with NTLite to broke it. I’m using Windows 7 3rd drivers removal preset and some few components and all devices works as expected.


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Those old tools stopped being supported a long time ago. NTLite is the only one that still supports Windows 7. All other tools are now focused on Windows 10. And even so they are buggy. I stopped using WinReducer as I couldn't even finish the Windows setup with an ISO created with it in the latest versions of Windows 10. MSMG Toolkit is reasonably stable but removes much less than NTLite can remove (fonts for example are super safe things to remove and MSMG doesn't). So NTLite in my opinion is far superior to other existing tools. It's worth buying this :)

I remove all third party drivers plus some standard Microsoft drivers with NTLite and also have no problems.

And NTLite doesn't "break" things???? :rolleyes:

Yes however it is more difficult to happen. NTLite has its problems but compared to other tools I think it is much more stable and efficient. The other tools take much longer to remove components and break things more easily. With NTLite you just have to be careful what you remove and you get a small, light and stable image :)

People have a lot of problems with NTLite as they want to remove everything the tool allows without worrying about the consequences it brings.


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I remove all third party drivers plus some standard Microsoft drivers with NTLite and also have no problems.
out of interest what MS drivers do you remove? i prefer to remove ms drivers only when they are part of a component but i am happy to disable their services.
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FWIW, adding that missing driver did NOT fix the problem. what sounded somewhat logical apparently wasn't. :mad:
That lone MS modem driver I never saw in that overly long list of outdated modems ans since that was a 'dead' issue, I never looked if there was one.
That was probably the only MS driver that was removed.
To clarify some misunderstanding, the reason I was still using RT7Lite was I complied a very long & thorough "How To" set of instruction after numerous tries six year ago when I did my W7 final image (after several previous tries). Yes RT7 was dated, but so was W7. I wasn't interested in starting from scratch under those circumstances.

But, I have started to take a look at NTLite since I probably will be using that over WinReducer when I get around to moving into W10 (which like W2000, XP, & W7, I'm not in a hurry to do so. ;)

Fast question OT; the 'Unattended" portion, I'm use to the way RT7 has their setup as it worked out perfect doing a unattended install with FULL Admin privileges out of the box which is mandatory for me. I hate restraints and don't have and never really had a problem operating that way.
How is this in that regard?


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7 might be old but it is still very capable and runs well on intel 8/9th generation, so does 8.1.
i tried 7 on 10/11th gen but it did not work. there was an issue with 8.1 but that may have been pebkac.
new windows(11?) is going to be announced soon an released later this year so i wouldnt even bother with 10.

although the majority of users are on 10 some are still on 7 and 8.1and nuhi still gives them love when needed.
i would say that now is a good time to build a w7 fully updated to eol image, capture then process with ntlite.
some time back i put a w7 pro x64(with ie11 and net 4.8) eol capture through ntlite, cut winsxs right down, removed 3rd party drivers and ended up with a svelte install at 4.7GB without removing major components, just drivers and languages removed.
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