Request for Green/Yellow Compatibility button


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One might think that, by now, I would have gotten smarter and made a "Preset Template" so that I don't always have to do the same repetitive tasks when modifying a wim. (Hmm ... this sounds like a good idea. Maybe a section at the top of the Preset list, that shows 5 spaces for Templates? And, when a user clicks on a Template, it automatically makes a copy of itself and starts it as a new Preset?)

The self-induced problem that I'm having is that I often forget to set Compatibility when I start to work on a Live install. And even when I remember, it's kind of a pain to uncheck "Spotify" every time.

So, okay, I just told myself that I should make a Template for a Preset, then copy that, and then fill that Preset for the instant work that I'm doing.

But it would be easier for me if NTLite remembered the last Compatibility setting that I used, and preloaded it when I return to NTLite.

So I was thinking that the button would be green when Compatibility has been preloaded and yellow when it hasn't been touched. (Like a reminder to "Use Caution" because you didn't set Compatibility.)

Perhaps it could be an option for people who don't want Compatibility pre-loaded?