Request that NTLite announce when in /forcelistcomponents /saveallstates


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nuhi warned in a previous thread,

and don't forget to remove the switch [/forcelistcomponents /saveallstates] when using normally.

Well, you know that some user is going to forget to remove the switch.

So how about if, like Windows does when in SAFE mode, NTLite change its background to announce to the user that a switch is set?

It seems like it would be hard to write out "/forcelistcomponents /saveallstates" across the screen. (And it might have to do some kind of localization thing? Although maybe even Chinese users have to type the switch in English?)

Or maybe a different background, with "Switch is On" in a 50% opacity written diagonally across the workspace?

So maybe a pop up window "Notice: NTLite is running with a switch on. This is not its normal mode." or an announcement like that.


Why bother use a shortcut, if requiring preset output just use the shortcut, if requiring default ntlite then just use the application exe


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NTLite command line options are not persistent. You have to invoke them by hand.
What nuhi is referring to, is another thread, where someone said they EDITED their NTLite desktop icon to always use those options.

There's no harm saving a preset with extra details. If you load it back in NTLite (default mode) and re-save, all the extras disappear.


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Why would anyone create permanent shortcut for this.. using cmd is much more handy and clean


As a computer hobbyist I cant remember the last time I used cmd for anything, let alone trying to remember what's to be written during those random times that I've needed a preset extract, but the shortcut is always there and ready when I need it, not everyone is an advanced user as ntlite is literally clicking boxes

could add the option to the context menu, that would be really nice
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Why bother use a shortcut, if requiring preset output just use the shortcut, if requiring default ntlite then just use the application exe
You and I are almost on the same page. (Since you noted above how cumbersome using the command line is. (One reason that I haven't switched to Linux.))

Yes, I could make a special shortcut with the switches in. But that's not ergonomic. Perhaps a real world example will help demonstrate the philosophy:

I'm a pilot. I used to be a Flight Instructor. While instructing, it occurred to me how terribly "designed" airplane cockpits were. In reality, the manufacturers never gave a thought as to what design might be best. They simply put stuff where it fit and we pilots (the users) had to deal with it. (And, at the time, they wanted $75,000 for this.)

Then I was blessed to be able to build my own airplane. (From a kit.) When it came time to design the instrument panel, I tried to make the cockpit as pilot friendly as I could. No "shortcuts" that I had to remember. Flying safely in bad weather is hard enough. So I put everything just where it needed to be. I tried to make it so that I couldn't make bad selections. (Eg., I made it difficult to turn the Fuel Selector to Off.) And I made it so that if did do something wrong, I received a warning.

NTLite doesn't rise to that level of potential danger. And, as garlin said, there's no real harm in leaving the /forcelistcomponents in.

Still, I suggest that the philosophy should be to design the program to be as user friendly as possible.


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OK, will add a red message on the Apply page, makes sense.
This option would get its button if it was requested more often, it does not justify the time investment otherwise so it is just a switch for now.

edit: Force list components already is being warned on Apply in the current version.
That's the switch that is a bit influential as it pretends that components are there, that could protect pieces if not unchecked again.
Not big of a deal, but anyway warranted a warning.

The other one is not warned about, will add save all states as well, that one should be just bloating the preset, not changing the outcome.

So in essence, nothing dangerous to forget about, Force list is already warned about.
(attached example how it currently is)


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