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I know removing components in Server 2022 is unsupported, but I'm hoping somebody else has figured this out for me...

I've carefully removed components in 10 LTSC and also Server 2019 in the past and never had a problem once I gone through the trouble and figuring out which components can and can't be removed. However, 2022 is being a real PITA.

I had Nov & Dec's CU break, and after spending a few hours of building a stripped down 2022, managed to find a configuration where the OS would install and then apply Dec's CU no problem. Awesome! So I took that same config and integrated the Dec CU and called it a day.

Now Jan's CU is out and... it's broken again. Every time it tries to install KB50095555, it comes back with the dreaded 0x800f0982 error. I'm going to try a vanilla copy and see if it works without Dec's CU integrated. Has anybody else gotten this to work?


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Any reason for skipping KB5005039?
Before installing this update

Microsoft now combines the latest servicing stack update (SSU) for your operating system with the latest cumulative update (LCU). For general information about SSUs, see Servicing stack updates and Servicing Stack Updates (SSU): Frequently Asked Questions.


You must install KB5005039, dated August 10, 2021, before installing the LCU.


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Just checked, NTLite says that:

KB5005552 - Fix for ServicingStack 10.0.20348.169

Are all preinstalled in the .wim


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From the preset, your image (RTM build) and host version (Dec 2021 LCU) check out.

I don't have a copy of Server 2022, but try this idea:
Integrate KB5009555 into the clean image, apply & save. Now load your preset and remove components. See if ordering matters.