Signing into Office Apps as well as 0xe0434352 error

Nic S

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Having issues where I am unable to sign into Office 365 apps. I have done what I think was required (See in attached preset).

Also having issues with an error (0xe0434352) comes up when the screen saver starts (Custom screen saver).

Any help would be great :)



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I sign in to Word for example and then it just states that I am not signed in...

Also getting 0xe0434352 error for a screen saver I use (.net error??)

I have made the changes I thought would resolve the issues with the office apps but have had no success.

Any help would be awesome.



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The word issue is common, that is more down to microsofts side.

the 0xe0434352 could quite possibly be .net, but then again, it could also be down to something else
From your updates list:
KB5023847 Setup Dynamic Update Mar 23
KB5019180 Intel MMIO
KB5011048 NET 4.8.1
KB5012170 SecureBoot DBX
KB5022502 NET 4.8 CU Feb 23
KB5025183 NET 4.8 CU Apr 23 Preview
KB5022498 NET 4.8.1 CU Feb 23
KB5025185 NET 4.8.1 CU Apr 23 Preview

There's no point installing both Feb 2023 and Apr 2023 Preview .NET updates, they are cumulative. The most recent version replaces all previous versions. Try that first.