SOLVED: Cellular gone missing - please help


I'm working on a Windows 10 Lite for ARM, and trying to find out which component (or combination of components) has disabled cellular features, i.e. detection of SIM card and automatic connection to mobile Wifi? (Normal Wifi has no problems and no network components have been disabled yet).

So far I have eliminated the following and can confirm it's not these causing the disappearance:
  • Peer networking
  • Wi-Fi Network Manager (Wi-Fi Sense)
  • Mobile PC
  • Action Center
  • Cloud Notifications
  • Mobile Plans
  • Modem
  • Telephony
EDIT: it's something under Remoting and Privacy...

EDIT: I've narrowed it down to a combination of one from each responsible for the mobile connection icon + suitable APN for establishing the connection:

ABOVE ONE DRIVE (enable mobile connection icon)
  • IKE + Ipsec
  • Media Streaming
BELOW ONE DRIVE (provide additional apn support for connecting)
  • WaaS Assessment
  • Wi-Fi Network Manager (Wi-Fi Sense)
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Unfortunately, compatibility has not protected "3G Modem" under USB.

It seems that 2 or more components are needed above the listing for OneDrive - so the process of elimination continues - very painstaking! :confused:


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I'm surprised that Telephony and Phone Service are not needed.

Not sure if you know, but ARM support is just as is, if more people were using it and I had testing environment, I would be able to help.

Btw what hardware are you using to test with?


Main hardware I am using is Lumia 950 XL - but also Raspberry Pi 3 - and Raspberry Pi 4 by way of KVM.

Above OneDrive there seems to be about 3-4 modules that are needed in combination with about 2 below OneDrive - exclusively within the "Remoting and Privacy" section of removable components. That much I've been able to ascertain. Trial and error is going very slowly... several days have already passed.

For WOA Light it's important that Lumia 950 XL will be able to connect to Internet using SIM card. Somebody else reported a similar issue with the Surface Pro LTE on this forum (found in the search results) albeit no resolution.

Recent Snapdragon Laptops would also be affected, as it's not so much cellular support - but mainly just having the Mobile section in Windows and automatically connecting to the SIM for data.


Took days, but finally nailed it - the bare minimum needed to protect the Lumia's mobile connection:

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