Some displayed Settings are not specific to W7


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I'm a long-time Win 7 admin, but haven't moved to 8 or 10. NTLite's Settings page has items which are shared across all Windows versions, and some specific to later ones. While it doesn't hurt to play with settings which don't affect your platform, it can be confusing.

Can we hide version-specific settings not intended for W7?
  • First-logon animation
  • Show me Windows welcome experience after updates
  • ChrEdge web browser automatic install
Apologies if these features are really working on 7.


NTLite developer
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You're right, and mostly it is filtered, but some might have passed through.
Will reply here when new version with more filtering is up, then let me know if you find some more.



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Filtered those obvious to me in the build 7330, let me know if I missed any if you happen to stumble on it.
Btw to save time typing, change the value on it and save into a preset, then right-click the preset and Edit, then copy-paste the names.

Thanks anyway.