Some things I'd like to see.


Hello! I'm back to bug ya with some thoughts again...

After doing battle with my presets/configurations and trying to isolate some things I've noted some areas I think could benefit from a few changes to aid those of us who are tying to figure out which removal causes whatever issue we are looking to fix.

On the Re-check Sub-components prompt there is a 'Skip All' option but no 'Keep All' option. I think something more like windows explorers prompt/checkbox to 'Apply to All' might work better here as I currently have to hit yes upwards of 30 times for some areas and usually more than once as I have to redo the removals until I get it right and then retest.

On the Components page I think it would be nifty to be able to right click on a primary area, say Driver, System or Network etc and have an option to import 'just that section' from an existing preset. Currently attempting to re-check (keep) entire areas after loading a full preset doesn't always actually re-check everything due to dependencies in other areas creating a game of back and forth and wasted time. Maybe another solution would be better but this is the one that popped into my head.

Thanks for reading.


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Yes/no to all added in build 6790, thanks for suggesting it.
Didn't reply earlier, surprise! :)

Preset section loading, yeah, that I would like as well, though haven't needed it too many times.
Will keep it on the list.