[VOTE] Which language do you prefer between US and GB?

Which one would you prefer on Windows? (Please write why)

  • EN_US

    Votes: 3 50.0%
  • EN_GB

    Votes: 3 50.0%

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When you want to use english os, or english softwares, which language do you prefer? EN_US OR EN_GB?
I see that many people prefer en_us but why? If you are not born or living in USA or your main language is not english why would you prefer en_us?

When we talk about windows, (if you are not in USA or born in USA)
Their date format is different (DD/MM/YYYY - MM/DD/YYYY)
Their hour format is different (AM-PM, 12H not 24H)
Their temp is different (Celcius vs Fahrenheit)
Their measurement is different (Inches vs Centimeters)

These things effect the usage experience in many ways. (on weather apps, software settings etc)
Only benefit i can think of is their spell checks because nearly every academic paper is written in en_us (color vs colour etc).
But you can just change word's spell check option for that.

So why en_us is more popular? Or am i wrong and its not?


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Hm, interesting.

- First whatever is by default, that's what will be most popular, that being en-us for general public when it comes to those two.

- It may be just me, but when I see "colour", it looks unprofessional, like a mistake has been made, thus that language loses immediately.
Being triggered by "armour" in a game 'Path of Exile' every time.

- Regional settings, the fact for which you had the most good points, actually can be set independently from the language itself, and I do not keep it at US standards.

- I keep en-us keyboard as well, mainly as special characters and coding are more easily reachable (made by people who use it), and it's easier to find a good keyboard with those characters than on my native lang.


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English - en-gb is English, not English International. US English - en-us is American English, not English. :mad:
although i am not strict about weights and measures, date and time formats, i use a bit of each.