WebCam not working... Codecs requirements?

I have 2 Logitech HD C615 webcams hooked to 2 PC's:
- One hooked to an unedited OS and acts as a Security/Surveillance Camera - both hardware and software work 100% - plenty of video recordings to keep my house safe
- One hooked to a PC with OS that was edited with NTLite and that is the problematic one

I can't get video or audio after edited the OS with NTLite. After NTLite editing, the device is detected without problems in Device Manager. There are no question marks. Hardware-wise it appears to be working, but there is no video or audio... I think the codecs may be the issue, but I do not know which ones...

Other imaging devices, like my scanner work fine without issues, but they are WIA devices. This webcam is not a WIA device. Logitech software does not allow the video to come up either, but detects the device without problems.

If this is indeed a codecs problem, is there a place where I can download original Windows 10 codecs?


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It could be a driver/device problem though. Logitech LWSDebugOut temp file reports (repeatedly):

SetupDevicesForMonitor: Failed to open a Device... Ignoring...
Line: 1508

SetupDevicesForMonitor: Failed to open a Device... Ignoring...
Line: 1502

NTLite Host OS shows all hardware devices are present...
All 8. I use one, test the system, make a backup, then use the next one, etc., but I sometimes it takes many months to discover something is not working. So far webcam has been the only thing I wish I could make work with my presets.


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That's a good strategy, but you can consolidate presets (mostly) by load/appending them. Post-installation commands get squirrelly, be careful there.

My guess would be broken UpperFilter/LowerFilter reg keys. Try reinstalling these two drivers:

Thanks! I do not think there is a way to actually re-install those 2 drivers without having them standalone. I really wish there was a database for each default Windows 10 driver out there... I did check our programs, like Droid Cam (that uses Android phone cameras via USB or Wi-Fi) and they work.


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I think NTLite's Host Refresh might fix this situation, but nuhi's the expert.

Here's my take on removing drivers: Most users go overboard and remove everything because it's cool -- including Windows shared drivers. It's OK to strip out vendor-specific HW, but leave the generic Microsoft drivers alone. Shared drivers don't take that much space, and one day you will end up like today scratching your head...


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Forgot the obvious... Mount the untouched W10 ISO, explore the mount directory and copy files/directories from Windows\System32\drivers and DriverStore matching ksthunk & tsusbhub. Drill down those folders and copy all the related files, not just the *.sys drivers.