What's your average time to build an ISO?


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Or maybe better, what can I do to speed up NTLite processing? Or "What's the bottleneck?"

It takes my computer about 25 minutes to trim a Win7. And that's starting with a trimmed iso, with only one edition, with updates already applied.

I know that there are too many variables to get a good answer. To be consistent, we all would have to start with the Win7+SP1.iso and then use one of Clanger's barebone presets to maximally exercise NTLite.

But I noticed, while doing a bunch of builds lately, that my CPU rarely goes to 100%. (Old AMD Quad Core, running 3.5 GHz.) And my Hard Drive light rarely stays on continuously. (RAID 10, with a sequential write in the 300's - although random writes are typical for a hard drive.)

That is, it doesn't seem like the bottle neck is my CPU or my hard drive.

What else could it be?

If it is my hard drive, then I presume that a SSD would speed up NTLite by a factor of 10?

Not that I plan to make a life out of 'Liting. But curious.
having a discussion here about iso extraction times on ssd and hdd's, here are my findings.
LTSC iso, c: drive - Crucial MX500 500GB sata ssd(its had a hard life, hehehe), storage drive - WD Black 2.5" 7200rpm 1TB hdd(nearly full)

1 source and target on ssd. extract iso with 7zip, 6s.
2 source and target on ssd. mount iso with wincdemu and drag n drop, 18s.
3 source and target on hdd. extract iso with 7zip, 3m 23s
4 source and target on hdd. mount iso with wincdemu and drag n drop, 3m 30s
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