Where does NTLite save configuration options?


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I am confused about how to manage my Presets/Templates/Unattend, etc for my NTLite Custom ISO.

Presets look sweet but they don't appear to save all of my custom ISO configurations changes. I see there is an Unattend section in the Preset XML but when I save my Preset my unattended settings are not copied to the preset. Also, I have Post-Setup commands. Sometimes they get saved to the Preset sometimes they do not.

Then there are Component Feature Templates... Not sure how they related.

It seems I should be able to open a new ISO and apply my saved preset and get a predictable ISO output. It is not working that way for me.

I think I must be missing something about the correct workflow. Anyone have a guide or a link to some help pages that might set me straight?

Unattended mode settings and Post-Setup commands will be saved to the preset, but make sure you do Preset / Save / Save As..

NTLite will create an auto-saved copy of your current session after it's applied changes. Any time before that, it won't save any presets for working sessions. When you reload an existing preset, NTLite won't refresh the Unattended section to the previous settings.

The reason is some experienced users will modify autounattend.xml to add external commands.

NTLite doesn't support these extra steps, and doesn't want you to inadvertently overwrite the current copy in the ISO folder. If you have an existing autounattend.xml, NTLite will leave it untouched until you explicitly redo the Unattended section, and Apply.

Component's provided templates are reference examples for beginners looking for a pre-made list of "safe" removals.
Presets save only changes.
If you load the same preset on an already (semi)edited image, new preset will not contain identical entries.
Reason for this is not to have invisible changes pending for a fresh image.

If you have some preset that you cannot load unattended or any other entry from, and it worked on the same image prior, please upload or send to a private message if it contains private info.