which component is responsible for "wermgr.exe"?


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Just wanted to ask if someone knows what to remove in order to get rid of "wermgr.exe".
I've removed everything under windows error reporting with the exception of "kernel debugging".
Still getting "wermgr.exe" instances starting up via a task scheduler task.
There's no setting in the app to disable this even though i've disabled windows error reporting related services.
It still starts up. I want to get rid of this for good. I know I can use tweaks to disable it but for me that's not good enough.
Attached the preset i've used.




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it's the Windows Error Reporting (WER) itself.
Try disabling the task itself, it (Task Scheduler) is separate from the WER service.
Or remove the WER component.


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Thank you, will remove the whole thing then in the next round.
Are there any adverse affect to it's removal though?
I'm a heavy user of both "Search" and "Visual Studio"...
Also, just as a follow up question wanted to ask if you're planning
to add a feature where one can enable/disable certain tasks?
Again, thank you for you work and the support.