Why should I spend another activation if I have Windows 7?

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I bought a HOME license, downloaded your program version, activated it, and tried to process the image of windows 10 x64 on my windows 7 x64 host system. When you click the "process" button, your application gives an error "the image has been damaged by an offline servicing failure and no further servicing is allowed. Use windows 8.1 or windows 10 (can be a Virtual Machine)".

Well, I installed windows 8 x64 and your application into a vmware virtual machine, copied the windows 10 image that I want to process, the "Auto-saved session.xml" file and the "license.dat" file.

But your program again asks me to spend another activation. My plans do not include spending all my activations on running your program in virtual machines.

What should I do?



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copy and paste license file and settings file maybe it won't spend another one because main pc is the same. i don't think so put worth to try.


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Virtual machine is a separate entity.

Anyway, I already replied to the original post on the email, this is a duplicate.
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