Win10 21H2 - Broken Installer - Cannot Set Region and Keyboard, Cannot Create Account



I'm reporting broke installer with the following conditions:

Source is: Win10 x64

Error when setting region: OOBEREGION
Error when setting keyboard layout: OOBEKEYBOARD
Error when creating local account: Something went wrong
Flashes and returns back to create local account screen, cannot continue, installer broken.

The only thing I found on this here is

I did not remove any speech components.

EDIT: Still happens without the following modifications (with the following present)

Feature name="Hello.Face.Migration.18967~~~~"
Feature name="Hello.Face.18967~~~~"

asimov 'Telemetry Client'
backup 'Windows Backup'
deviceupdatecenter 'Device Update Center'
internetexplorer32 'Internet Explorer - 32 bit'
location 'Location Service'
Microsoft.BioEnrollment 'Windows Hello Setup'
Microsoft.Windows.ParentalControls 'Microsoft family features'
Microsoft.Windows.SecHealthUI 'Windows Defender'
mobilepc_location 'Location notifications'
mobilepc_networkprojection 'Network Projection'
securitycenter 'Security Center'
systemrestore 'System Restore'
wcn 'Windows Connect Now (WCN)'
wifinetworkmanager 'Wi-Fi Network Manager (Wi-Fi Sense)'

EDIT2: Okay it's one of these:

gameexplorer 'Game Explorer'
mediaplayernetworksharing 'WMP Network Sharing Service'
mediaplayernetworksharing32 'WMP Network Sharing Service - 32 bit'
synccenter 'Sync Center'
wificloudstore 'WiFi Sync Provider'

Scheduled Tasks:
Application Experience - AitAgent
Application Experience - StartupAppTask
CloudExperienceHost - CreateObjectTask
DiskCleanup - SilentCleanup
HelloFace - FODCleanupTask
Speech - SpeechModelDownloadTask
Wininet - CacheTask

Tested with VirtualBox.

Note: I'm a bit exhausted after so many attempts, taking a break for some other chores. Maybe someone knows to spare me the last bits.

I think from the beginning it was something to do with WLAN/Wifi and connections because it's skipping the connection wizard, but it could as well be the Speech scheduled task. We'll see
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Ah, just in time, I would have made several new tests and probably went for other things not this one, was looking at AitAgent and others, saving me a couple of hours indeed.

NTLITE should please make a note about this in the new version. Thanks!


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i suggest to leave scheduled tasks as they are & only focus on component packages removal :)


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i suggest to leave scheduled tasks as they are & only focus on component packages removal :)

There's a lot of "advice" for disabling CloudExperienceHost and other services, but most of those scripts run on a live system.
If you wanted to experiment, run the same actions from Post-Setup.