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Hi i'm new to this forum. I need the latest version of Windows 10 Lite. Someone suggests me to buy it from any website.
You can also check this software for better understanding my question.
Now i'm confused that should I install that or not?
Please comment your honest answers that should I install it or not. I'm waiting for answers.
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The only official Lite(ish) version of Windows 10 is the Enterprise S LTSB(Long Term Service Branch) edition which is not availible to home users as it has licensing restrictions.

Some editions are smaller by design, Home edition will not have some of the advanced features of Enterprise and Professional editions.
Then there are the N and KN(Korean N) editions that are missing some media features. A Home N edition will be a bit smaller than a Professional non N edition and will suit many home users.

Anything pretending to be Windows 10 "Lite" is usually a home brewed iso that used a 3rd party tool to shrink it. If any website is charging for a "Lite" ISO or Offline Installer then it is very likely to be a scam. Dont be fooled by these "lite" iso's, you dont know what they have taken out and worst of all you do not know what they may have put in.

Downloading of lite home brewed iso's is frowned upon by most of the online community. Only use official sources for your iso's. File Hash/Checksums are availible all over the web so if you download from an official source, trusted source or unknown source always check the checksum. If they dont match then your iso is corrupted or modified in some way so delete it.

Finally, NTLite allows you to create your own customised iso's. You are creating it so you know what you have taken out and what you have put in. There is support from the developer and experienced liters to help you along the way.
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