Windows 11 Insider searching for disks


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Hello all,

When I attempt to use a Preview ISO it locks up at searching for disks.

Before the install begins I Shift-F10 , and run diskpart and list the volumes and the volume that the install is going to shows as healthy.

I have a raid setup and have added the drivers , but still no luck.

I then used a Virtual Machine to validate the ISO is valid and it installs in the VM with no issues

If I take a 23H2 Prod ISO and do the install to the same volume it works with no issues.

Any ideas what I should try ?
There's two possibilities that come to mind:

1. Insider Build introduced a bug or feature change to the disk or RAID controller software. You would have to wait until MS addresses the issue, in a future build or submit a bug report.

2. Insider Build includes a newer disk controller driver and it's causing problems. Install the working 23H2 build, and note which driver versions are currently loaded. Then mount the Insider image, and browse through its driver folders and check the version in the INF files. Just because you integrated a set of drivers, doesn't mean Windows will pick them.

There's Windows logic to rank competing driver versions based on how well they specifically match a target HW ID, and by the release date. If this is happening, then you need to remove Windows' newer driver from the image before adding your own.

You'll never be able to replicate HW driver issues in VM, because it emulates a fairly generic set of devices.
Make sure you integrated the correct driver, correctly (in boot.wim and install.wim).
A good guide is here, they cover correct drivers on that forum as well, maybe they talk about 24H2.

Alternatively switch to SATA/AHCI (non-RAID) disk for OS install.

Btw I'm assuming you meant ISO without any editing is having that problem, if the edits are causing it, post a preset.
ok fixed the issue , had a bad corrupt driver file, now the install gets to around 76% and starts the reboot process then a message is displayed that it cant get information about disks , and clears and reboot fails. I'm able to look at that partition and see the setupact.log from the panther directory but not sure what the issue is, I've attached the log any ideas what I should look at.

Are there any log files that might be helpful


  • setupact.log
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ok attached that as well , looking guessing it may have to do with

2024-06-10 22:33:37, Error MOUPG CDlpResponseInstallLocation::ObtainData(122): Result = 0x8007000D
2024-06-10 22:33:37, Error MOUPG CDlpActionDiskManagement::GetDriveLetterFromUnattend(878): Result = 0x8007000D

not sure what action to take


  • setuperr.log
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I don't think that error message explains anything. If you say Windows install aborts because it can't find disks, see if you can open a CMD window right after the error and run diskpart. Check which disks are recognized.
Error 0x8007000D is a corruption problem, which leads me to believe you still have driver issues. I would temporarily disable RAID or SATA mode from BIOS, and use AHCI to install this build. I know you've said a clean ISO works, but this will confirm the RAID driver's not working.
ok let me do some reading on changing from raid to ahci to ensure what will happen to the existing raid arrays
If you need to keep the RAID volumes, because you don't have a method for recreating the RAID setup from scratch – then skip my last idea.