Windows 7 - Optimize Gaming/Poweruser/Runtime Profile, optional ability for absolute minimal resources. (UEFI possible)


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MT_ got 2 more H310C(R2.0) boards coming so im gonna have all w7/8.1 capabubble systems and will starton your files in the next 4 weeks.
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Decided to do a proper pass on this build (Bit more compatibility, separated all reg files like on LTSC, and lots of tweaks and post-setup fixes/additions.

Consider 'new' profile as 1.0.

Not sure if i'll update it further, but If I do i'll start versioning things properly.

I still have one bug that makes discord say its not installed properly (it runs fine though) so maybe some missing dependency (suspecting something to do with web/java?) or maybe its just Qwave being disabled? Not sure. Or even QoS driver. In that case its not even a problem in the slightest.


The MT-W7-Predefined Powerplan.reg file is quite large and complicated. Can you elaborate a bit what it does and is there any advantage to using it instead of just going and adjusting windows power options via settings/control panel? Thanks.