WUDownloader - Offline Windows Update Downloader

I wrote an application for my own purposes that will scan Windows for available or installed updates (or import update titles from a text file) and then allow you to download the offline installers for any Windows OS that has that KB number.

Currently requires .NET 3.5, so it will work on a fresh install of Windows 7. Theoretically it should work on any Windows OS that is in MS support for Windows Updates. WUDownloader works off of what it is given via file or KB's scanned from the OS running it, so you're not restricted to predefined lists. Now, given that, it becomes your responsibility to make sure any of the updates you download are stable enough for your desires.

It should be capable of detecting any update that can be acquired from Windows Update. If you find that it skips updates you desire let me know by sending me your log.txt file and which updates you're referring to.


Here is the newest release version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i93p1ezhb6r8zjq/WUDownloader.rar?dl=0

I'm totally down to make improvements or add additional functionality, so tag me or PM me if you have ideas, question, or concerns.