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    Security-level Telemetry on Win10 Home + Pro?

    The security option is in the group policy editor and NOT under the normal settings option. Even in enterprise, it isn't under the normal settings option, only basic and full are there.
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    Just because the program doesn't immediately crash, doesn't mean there is nothing wrong. It could be in some feature that you personally don't use (no guarantee that it has anything to do with online). Furthermore, just because word or excel work, doesn't mean all of office (including more...
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    Sticky Notes get breaked

    I created this preset and installed in on my laptop using the latest ISO from Microsoft's media creation tool. Using this preset, the store worked just fine. I installed f.lux and it worked. Then, I installed NTlite and live uninstalled Hyper-V Guest. After rebooting, f.lux stopped working, and...
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    Sticky Notes get breaked

    The store will log in and install SOME apps, but not others. Examples to try are f.lux, ditto, sharex, (warning - PAID!) and eartrumpet. Be sure it's the store version and not the desktop version of those apps. I assure you I removed components one at a time until the apps refused to...
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    Sticky Notes get breaked

    I had the same problem. Either Hyper-V Guest (under Virtual hard disk support) or a sub-component of it is causing the problem. Leaving Hyper-V in the image prevented 0x80073CF9 errors.
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    Removing Built-IN Apps

    There's a couple settings you'll have to apply to the image to prevent those icons. When configuring your image, go to settings and then privacy. Automatic installation of sponsored apps - set to disabled Automatically install suggested apps - set to disabled Occasionally show suggestions in...
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    Skype no calling (version 7.xx....)

    Oh, the app will install, just not work (it will open and stay open, but it will open to a "something went wrong" error screen). Other apps work just fine. As for what in NTLite actually causes it, it seems to be something under "Hardware support". I'm trying to narrow down what actually causes...
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    Skype no calling (version 7.xx....)

    Hey I got the same problem? Skype 7 neither side can hear the other (and no, I assure you it has nothing to do with audio drivers). Skype 8 won't install at all and metro skype gives an error upon opening it. I'm trying to find just what is causing it. And just like the op, it works fine on...