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    Required components for Windows Mixed Reality?

    So I've been using Windows LTSB 1607 for some time now, and would be happy staying with it. I just got a Windows Mixed Reality headset however, and found out that LTSB (and the newer LTSC 1809) does not support WMR. Now I've gotta give MS more control of my system, and use a standard version of...
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    NTLite / 1809 (LTSC 2019) component removal issues

    Using NTLite on "en_windows_10_enterprise_ltsc_2019_x64_dvd_be3c8ffb.iso" Removing NarratorQuickStart doesn't seem to be working properly, as sfc /scannow restores the system app to C:\Windows\SystemApps when run after a fresh install. This is true if it is the only component...
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    Error - Netflix app and Pin authentication

    Hi, I created a new ISO from 1809 LTSC using NTLite. There are two issues which I am facing. 1. Pin authentication in Account settings doesn't works and crashes the windows when trying to configure for first time. I tried with Biometric service, app and enrollement all checked and unchecked...