2019 ltsc

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    Unable to use RDP client on a modified 2019 LTSC

    Hey all, Just as the title says, I'm unable to use RDP. All I get is "An internal error occured" and in the Event Log I get "Reason = 4". Not terribly forthcoming, but I'm sure I removed something on accident, so I'm attaching my last good preset. I could have swore I didn't miss anything, but...
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    Windows Enterprise N 2019 LTSC 1809 Microphones subsystem removed after NTLite configurations?

    Perhaps I'm missing something here, but after a modification and installation of a driver-targeted 2019LTSC N installation onto a PC, we've found that the microphone subsystem seems to be missing entirely from Windows. Speakers work but no microphones, USB or 3.5mm, will be recognized, and the...