1. H

    Keyboard not working in custom ISO

    Hi. I'm working on a minimal custom Windows 10 ISO based on LTSC 2019, combining this guide with this tutorial on Youtube. I test my custom ISOs on virtual machines with VirtualBox and so far, I found that the keyboard doesn't work on the OS. Can anyone tell me why that is? What feature or...
  2. H

    Keyboard isn't working on my custom Windows.

    I'm working on a custom build of Windows 10 LTSC 2019, which combines this as well as the changes suggested by this NTLite tutorial on Youtube. (Actually links to Invidious, an open-source front-end to YT). I've been testing my ISOs on virtual machines (using VirtualBox) and I notice that the...
  3. I

    Custom Like This?

    #ask hi does someone know how to costum os like this? my freinds using this os and i want to make with diferent style. when the install is complete the windows display like this (see image). is there a post setup script to run and implement this when the install is complete? 1. Apply Custom...
  4. J

    Customize indexing option - Windows 10

    Hi all, Can NTLite app be used to customize the drive indexing options before installing Windows 10 in the installer or wim file as applicable?. When you install Windows 10 on a partition which is assigned as C drive letter, can the default indexing option be set as off right thru the...
  5. 3

    NTLite - Windows 10 Custom Design and Version Name ?

    Hi, I'm still new to NTLite and have been playing around with it for a bit. Can someone tell me where I can find the following features/settings to change in the image or do I need to edit them manually ? I have tried to look for them but can't find them. They are: Custom Wallpapers: Install...
  6. SM03

    Question/Suggestion about some OOBE & other settings

    Hello all, I've some questions regarding some of the OOBE & Desktop view settings setup while customising an ISO via NTLite which I can't find into the latest NTLite v1.7.0.6522, I searched every setting over there throughout & made a fully customised ISO but still cannot able to find these, so...