1. aaci

    Problem, NTLite cannot find updates for Windows 10 22H2

    Problem, NTlite cannot find updates for Windows 10 22H2, the iso I uploaded is certainly obsolete, but it cannot find updates. I also tried with an ISO downloaded directly from Microsoft, but I have the same problem with any .iso I try to do it
  2. Hellbovine

    Suggestion: Update Redundancy

    Update: August 23rd, 2023 (Unresolved) Summary: Inexperienced users are downloading all available Windows Updates through NTLite, rather than curating a proper list. MORE INFORMATION
  3. Hellbovine

    Suggestion: Update Cache

    Update: August 23rd, 2023 (Unresolved) Summary: NTLite could benefit from minor improvements to the Windows Update cache section in the settings page. MORE INFORMATION
  4. Hellbovine

    Guide: Custom ISO Downloads

    On the internet there are about a dozen Windows operating systems that have been customized and released as an ISO download. These packages are allegedly optimized for gaming, privacy, or install size. We are often asked about these creations on this forum, and the following information is a...
  5. Hellbovine

    Guide: NTLite for Beginners

    The following is a beginner's guide on using NTLite. It is designed to take inexperienced users through the entire process, step-by-step, so there is nothing for them to interpret. If you follow these directions you will end up with a simple base image that you can use to install a clean version...
  6. Hellbovine

    Guide: Pause Windows Updates

    This guide explains how to pause Windows Update for any amount of time, and prevent the operating system from performing other related automatic updating without consent. The benefit of this guide's approach, is that it does not break anything and is a safe and official method, how Microsoft...