drivers integration

  1. bseklecki

    Silly Question: Show Previously Integrated Drivers?

    All: Silly question: If I load an image, integrate a driver, save/build it, unload it, then re-load it: Can I see a detailed list of previously integrated drivers added by NTLite that were not part of the original/OEM image? (I cannot find a way in the GUI to discern this) I...
  2. S

    Editing clean install image on a Dell OEM install - Drivers - "Wrong architecture"?

    I have a Dell 2-in-1 tablet, with the Dell OEM install of Windows 10 Home, all their drivers and software. I have NTLite v1.8.0.7070. When I get down to the drivers I want to include in the image, I I used the DISM command to dump all the system's current drivers to a folder, and I tried to...
  3. NoTRite

    Drivers impact on RAM/Process Count?

    Hey guys, Just a general question... Does removing drivers give any sort of performance boost? Or is decreasing final install size the only benefit? I'm asking because I noticed some services related to these drivers are set to start at Boot, according to the Extra Services page. So I'm...
  4. D

    Integrate Drivers - Bug/Design Report

    Hi Nuhi, Doing some different bug test. I found one, but not sure if it's your design, or a bug. When I am adding drivers which is located in C:\Windows_10_Builder\DRIVERS, drivers just couldn't be add into the list. Not responding at all. But if I put the DRIVERS at Desktop, it's working...