1. Hellbovine

    Gaming Lounge

    Welcome to the Gaming Lounge. Here you will find a collection of guides, notes, and tools for tweaking the Windows operating system, as well as gaming advice. This page contains useful information for all types of users, but it is geared more towards gamers, or more specifically people seeking...
  2. T

    GamerOS Windows 10 & 11 DIY Preset

    So after about a year with NTlite and a lot of experimentation and testing I've create this for all game enthusiasts, it is basic windows meant for gaming, I myself mainly play and tested this with cs go, I hope that I've maintained other features needed for gaming and such programs that one...
  3. W

    What is the best Preset for a Windows to gaming on a TV?

    i want to have a windows super lite for games, with a super lite system with minimal process running. but i want to use Text Editor sometimes with Copy&Paste, print PDFs, browse webpages, make downloads, use torrent, unzip files, and maybe use Video Editors. use to Study, watch lives from School...