1. K

    Unable to Join Domain

    After creating an image and installing, the system is unable to join the domain. It shows the following error: "An error occurred attempting to join the domain: The specified service is not an installed service." As you might imagine, the missing service is not actually specified. The Error...
  2. Gavril

    [5] Access Denied

    I get this error message whenever I try to load from an ISO on a USB (not sure what's important). I've looked at a few threads here, but none of them seem to have a solution other than one which suggested PowerRun, which hasn't helped me. I checked permissions and everything is marked for...
  3. P

    Says my iso is isloated and will not apply changes

    Ha that rhymes Im trying to load an iso, and add drivers to it, i select the boot and install.wim folder from my windows 7 usb stick, i put them on a folder on my desktop, then select load on ntlite and it says the iso is isolated. So i click okay and continue on. I go drivers add them, then i...