1. Hellbovine

    Guide: DPC Latency

    Note: This thread was deleted and re-posted with the help of a moderator, to clear the derailment that was taking place. Keep all replies related to the contents of this guide, and do not post about the Nvidia driver bug in this thread. Disagreeing with parts of the guide or someone's reply is...
  2. Hellbovine

    Discussion: NTLite Usage (Poll)

    Something I have pondered about is what the statistics look like regarding why people use NTLite, so I made a poll. Please keep in mind this is supposed to be fun and interesting. If it becomes popular enough, NTLite could refer to this poll as a form of feedback to help prioritize where future...
  3. Hellbovine

    Guide: Choosing a Preset

    This guide lists the most popular custom operating systems on the forum. People new to customizing Windows are usually confused about where to start and it can be difficult to help them, since there are many aspects to consider, with the main issue being that each user's needs are different from...
  4. Hellbovine

    Discussion: Edge Chromium Updates

    I wanted to ask the community about some of the ways to prevent Edge Chromium from automatically updating while idle at the desktop, as well as automatically updating when the browser is launched. There is going to be dozens of ways to achieve this, but the hard part is finding one that meets...
  5. N

    Are the listed registry settings relevant?

    Hello everyone, I'm asking about these settings, since many people still use them in their tweaks. I want to find out their relevance, since some of them were used back in windows XP Perhaps someone will have some recommendations on how to improve system performance without much fanaticism.
  6. Hellbovine

    Discussion: Windows Market Statistics

    The following data may help people in their decision making when it comes to questions, such as which Windows to use or what hardware to build a computer with. None of these stats are perfect since Microsoft doesn't release this information, so we're relying on third party sources, but it is...
  7. Hellbovine

    Guide: Optimizing Cortana

    This guide is designed to eliminate the background activity of Cortana and tame it, without breaking anything in the operating system, while still leaving the app available for people that want to use it. This is an alternative method to removing the component, since uninstalling Cortana can...
  8. Hellbovine

    Discussion: Pagefile (Poll)

    This is a place to explore the Windows pagefile, and I am opening up the conversation with a poll. Please discuss the reasons behind your choice, benchmarks, testing, white papers, and other data, but refrain from linking to regurgitated articles or disreputable sources, and be prepared to...
  9. Hellbovine

    Guide: Quality Control

    This guide contains information about how to efficiently pursue Windows and NTLite tweaking, resulting in a much higher quality image, free of bugs and quirks, saving you a ton of time and headache in the long run. These tips apply to all Windows operating systems. PROCESSING ORDER TESTING IN...
  10. Hellbovine

    Gaming Lounge

    Update (December 1st, 2023): This thread has been completely revamped, as well as the contents of all the links here. The one exception, is that the guides have not yet been updated for the newest Windows builds, now that 23H2 released recently, but that will be the primary focus going forward...
  11. Hellbovine

    Guide: Optimized Image

    Update (December 29th, 2023): I am actively working on revising this guide and all others for the latest Windows builds. See the following reply (link1) for detailed information about why there was delays on progressing things further. This guide walks users through the creation of an optimized...
  12. Hellbovine

    Guide: Installing Windows

    This guide walks users through the process of how to install Windows, as well as drivers, firmware, and other important aspects. It was created using Windows 10, but applies to others too. There are going to be a few places where the reader will need to do a little bit of their own research due...
  13. Hellbovine

    Guide: Pause Windows Updates

    This guide explains how to pause Windows Update for any amount of time, and prevent the operating system from performing other related automatic updating without consent. The benefit of this guide's approach, is that it does not break anything and is a safe and official method, how Microsoft...
  14. Hellbovine

    Discussion: Spectre and Meltdown Mitigation

    The Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities were patched in the year 2019, but the issue is that Microsoft fixed it with a solution that decreases performance. Intel and AMD worked on microcode updates, and fixed these problems in future processors too, but users of older hardware may want to...
  15. Hellbovine

    Discussion: User Tracking

    I'll eventually figure this out on my own as I make my way through the pile of registry tweaks I'm testing, but to help speed this up I'm hoping someone knows the answer to this one, since it's quite the annoyance. Anyone that uses registry comparison tools will likely be familiar with the...
  16. Hellbovine

    Discussion: Sleep Study

    I was researching how to disable the SleepStudy feature in Windows 10, which creates a bunch of .etl files, and runs on my computer although it has all forms of power savings disabled. I found an article by the Microsoft Defrag Tools team (link) and e-mailed them, asking how to disable it. I got...
  17. Hellbovine

    Discussion: NTFS Indexing Option

    Does anyone know of a way to have the disk properties option of "Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties" default to unchecked on a clean Windows install? Reading through another thread (link1) gave some good insights to investigate, but it seems that it...
  18. Hellbovine

    Guide: Default Resource Usage

    This guide discusses the default resource usage of a clean install of Windows 10 Home 21H2. This information is needed by people tweaking the operating system so they can compare their installation to the defaults and see if they are making progress on reducing overhead. There are many different...
  19. NoTRite

    Drivers Impact on RAM/Process Count?

    Hey guys, Just a general question... Does removing drivers give any sort of performance boost? Or is decreasing final install size the only benefit? I'm asking because I noticed some services related to these drivers are set to start at Boot, according to the Extra Services page. So I'm...