1. O

    NTLite + WDS + Post-Setup?

    Hi Guys, i would like to use NTLite to create an Image for Deployment. So far i have the image as i would like to have it. Deploying it via WDS makes some trouble. Due one imports only the boot and install.wim, the rest ist not in the WDS server. I know that it is possible to add the...
  2. T

    VMWare Tools silent install not suppressing reboot prompt

    I've been trying to use the template included with NTLite for installing VMWareTools without prompting for a restart to the user. Here's my forum post on VMWare for this issue: I've tried the default switches provided by the template, as...
  3. davebold370

    Rebooting During Post-Setup

    I would like to rename and reboot the computer during post setup and then continue back to post-setup. I have a batch script that will ask the user for the new computer name then change the name. However, the name change will not take effect until the system reboots. The next program I want it...
  4. E

    Post-Setup .NET order? (Win 7, NTLite)

    I want to slipstream the following KB/setup packages. One image I made spent around 20 mins at post setup...the other one over 8 hours (left work, then was done the next day) 1. What order is optimal? 2. Where does the "Placeholder row for potentially deferred updates" fit best? 3. Can you add...
  5. AGNET

    Command to copy a file to machine?

    Is there a way to include a file in the install folder and run a command during post-setup to copy it to a specific place on the C drive, such as the program files folder or the windows folder? I created a folder in the unpacked .iso folder for the installer disk that holds all the installers...