1. muelltonne2011@rz-online.

    How does NTLite fake Setupcomplete.cmd with an OEM key?

    good day, i am looking for an information how NTLite does run the SetupComplete.cmd when using an OEM key. I read in another post this is done via the OEM way (OEM setup complete). unfortuanly i cannot...
  2. T

    Webcam Test

    I have a custom Win10 image for a bunch of Lenovo machines that I am going to sell. The current image does the following, it installs Basic WinOS, Drivers, and during SetupComplete.CMD it'll call a PowerShell script that will fetch me the specs of the machine and display them. I would like to...
  3. T

    Pause during SetupComplete.cmd

    hey guys, I have to image a couple of hundred machines so I automated the installation only and install the manufaturer support program only. So I know that SetupComplete.cmd is working fine. However, I need to get the specs of the machine, I have created a script that gets the brand,model,cpu...
  4. T

    Post-Setup steps are not working

    All Steps in NTlite are working, except the post-setup. After installation they are just not being executed. The commands are correct, when entering the commands in cmd they work. heres the content of SetupComplete.cmd @echo off msiexec /i "%WINDIR%\Setup\Files\AnyDesk_7.0.4.msi" /qn...
  5. W

    Execute VBScript and Import XML to Task Scheduler

    Hello everyone, I have exported VBScript and XML files that use to recover the Local Group Policy Editor and the Task Scheduler configurations. Is it possible to run the VBScript and XML files right after the Windows installation using SetupComplete.cmd?
  6. H

    SetupComplete.cmd is restarting PC after completion

    Need : i dont want a restart pc after setupcomplete.cmd completed. Problem : In autounattend.xml Will reboot is already set to Never. But there is restart happens. Test : Im using latest version ntlite Latest windows 10 21h1 iso ms official. Created autounattend without changing any...
  7. D

    How to create a shortcut on the desktop of the new Windows user?

    I'm trying to create desktop shortcuts with CMD and setupcomplete.cmd and can't get them created. Try: echo Set oWS = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") > CreateShortcut.vbs echo sLinkFile = "%HOMEDRIVE%\Users\unsam\Desktop\Installer.lnk" >> CreateShortcut.vbs echo Set oLink =...