1. 3

    NTLite - Removing All Telemetry ?

    Hi, I see that NTLite is very rich with a lot of the useful features as well as its ability to remove a lot of the components within Windows 10 ISOs. I'm wondering if anyone managed to strip Windows 10 of all the telemetry crap that it comes with without any side effects ? If so, is there a...
  2. NoTRite

    Security-level Telemetry on Win10 Home + Pro?

    Hey guys, If I set telemetry to "Security" instead of "Basic" on a Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro ISO (using NTLite), will it really be the same as setting telemetry to Security on Windows 10 Enterprise? Or, since it's not Enterprise, will it stay at Basic telemetry since the Security option...
  3. R

    [Windows 10] Removing Telemetry (Asimov) breaks automatic (driver) updates

    Purchased NTLite today, it seems like a great tool! I created a Windows 10 image removing a bunch of components, including Asimov (Telemetry). However, I quickly find out that the automatic (driver) updates did not work. I turns out that removing Asimov breaks this. Are there any solutions to...