1. S

    multi boot or multiple config installer

    hi, im trying to do something i didnt find anything about it in the forums, im trying to make an iso of windows 10 x64 with 2 posible options, 1 that create partition and install everthing unatended on only 1 drive(normal), and the second option that letme install the same windows with the same...
  2. Sinical

    Apply Changes to WIM Without Compression?

    I've noticed that NTLite still halves the WIM file size even when ESD export isn't selected. So I suspect some sort of compression or optimization is going on beyond just removing components. I really don't think I remove 4GB worth of components. Can anyone help me address this or find out...
  3. B

    3rd party addon integration (browsers, themes, etc.) with NTLite

    Hello NTLite forum members, I am a complete NooB when it comes to using NTLite products so bear with me...I want to integrate windows 7 themes,browsers,and 3rd party apps into my Windows 7 install.wim (boot.wim?) with NTLite but i am unsure on how to do this with NTLite enterprise edition 64 bit...
  4. George King

    [TOOL] POWIS - Powerful Windows Setup v1.0.3

    POWIS Powerful Windows Setup This tool was developed to bring new user experience into Windows setup, supporting all Windows versions from Vista and newer. What features are added by POWIS? 1. Windows Recovery Environment boot menu option 2. Multi-Unattended selector 3...