windows 10 pro

  1. S

    Latest 2018-11 CU KB4467708 showing & not installing even after integrating it to latest Win10 via latest NTlite beta version

    Recently I've made a customised Win10 bootable ISO via the latest NTLite v1.8.0.6593 beta. Install & Boot.wim source was from the ISO that made from latest 17763.107 refreshed ESD. Integrating all the drivers & latest 2018-11 CU KB4467708, 2018-11 SSU KB4465664 & 2018-11 SU for Adobe KB4467694...
  2. S

    Question/Suggestion about some OOBE & other settings

    Hello all, I've some questions regarding some of the OOBE & Desktop view settings setup while customising an ISO via NTLite which I can't find into the latest NTLite v1.7.0.6522, I searched every setting over there throughout & made a fully customised ISO but still cannot able to find these, so...
  3. NoTRite

    Security-level Telemetry on Win10 Home + Pro?

    Hey guys, If I set telemetry to "Security" instead of "Basic" on a Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro ISO (using NTLite), will it really be the same as setting telemetry to Security on Windows 10 Enterprise? Or, since it's not Enterprise, will it stay at Basic telemetry since the Security option...