windows 10 x64

  1. SM03

    Latest 2018-11 CU KB4467708 showing & not installing even after integrating it to latest Win10 via latest NTlite beta version

    Recently I've made a customised Win10 bootable ISO via the latest NTLite v1.8.0.6593 beta. Install & Boot.wim source was from the ISO that made from latest 17763.107 refreshed ESD. Integrating all the drivers & latest 2018-11 CU KB4467708, 2018-11 SSU KB4465664 & 2018-11 SU for Adobe KB4467694...
  2. SM03

    Question/Suggestion about some OOBE & other settings

    Hello all, I've some questions regarding some of the OOBE & Desktop view settings setup while customising an ISO via NTLite which I can't find into the latest NTLite v1.7.0.6522, I searched every setting over there throughout & made a fully customised ISO but still cannot able to find these, so...
  3. U

    Windows 10 x64 Cumulative Updates

    Does selecting "Windows Update (+Feature Setup)" in the compatibility options ensure that the OS will be able to install Windows cumulative updates? If not, is there a list of what not to remove to keep this functionality? Thanks!
  4. B

    Windows 10 AIO for Everyday? Advice? Preset?

    Does anyone have a tutorial/preset for a everyday Win10 1709 updated AIO iso (A-Z x86 and x64) image? Meaning most of the tech and spy mumbo jumbo stripped out? Everyday means: Not Removed / Tweaked: Windows Activation Components and Services 4G LTE support / 4G Data plan support Smart Card...
  5. F

    possible to keep all versions of windows 10 with updates intergrated and drivers?

    ok so my question is, im usint ntlite and i have mounted the folder with windows 10 image x64. as i mounted the image it shows me all versions of windows. when i select just one windowsit goes with that version of windows only when i create a iso. I would like to keep all versions of windows and...