Black Friday Renewal Discount

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Any knows if I will get something like renewal discount (50% off) plus Black Friday discount (assuming 50% off) = 100% - 50% * 50% = 75% off if I renew my license during the Black Friday sales event?
Never-activated NTLite license codes don't expire. So you can purchase it during Black Friday, and keep it for later use if your normal expiration date doesn't conveniently line up. The new expiration date begins as soon as any NTLite copy uses that license code.
Black friday sale was each year, so probably this one as well.
It's 30% off to the current prices, just click on the shop to see them, then reduce 30%, not complicated.

You can renew when you want.
Cool. Will I get 50% off for renewal and 30% off for Black Friday? In other words, will I get 100 - (100% - 50%) * (100% - 30%) = 65% off then?
No, just whatever the discount is.
65% off? you are dreaming moosh.
Thread solved, thread locked.
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Math is hard. This my receipt from last year's Black Friday.

Ordered item(s)
Unit Price
1 x NTLite Home License Renewal
20.00 USD​
20.00 USD​
6.00 USD​
Sales Tax / VAT​
0.00 USD​
Grand Total
14.00 USD

NOTE: The exchange rate for non-EURO currencies will change. But if you can calculate percentages...
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